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Asking for an example

how do i ask someone if they have an example to explain their point or point sth out? Would it be sth. along the lines of "例えがありますか。実例がありますか。例がありますか。"

Lyza at 2023-10-23 04:02:55 UTC

It would be 例えば?(casual), 例えばなんですか?(polite, teachers, parent, strangers), 例えばなんでしょうか?(Extra polite, to customers, your boss).

For the poltite and extra version, you may wanna adapt the question that comes after 例えば to the Point they trying to make. like tatoeba... なんの問題です?(what kind of problem, for example), どういう状況です?(in what kind of scenario, for example).

lambdawinner829 at 2023-11-14 02:08:48 UTC

I am glad that there are a lot of examples that we have been nice to keep checking out. I can see it working out for you which is nice to see all the versions.

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