2 Replies ・ Started by lisaki8 at 2023-10-16 23:50:36 UTC ・ Last reply by lambdawinner829 at 2023-11-16 06:09:15 UTC

Pitch accents

I installed jisho-pitcher on Chrome. It's supposed to show pitch accents on jisho.org, but the pitch accents are not showing. Has anyone else tried to install jisho-pitcher?

lisaki8 at 2023-10-17 04:18:17 UTC

I finally solved it! I had to click on the extension to enable it. All good now!

lambdawinner829 at 2023-11-16 06:09:15 UTC

Oh yeah, they do need to be clicked. I always assumed that maybe we could just get them to work properly after installation.

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