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Jreibun - new example sentences

I am very excited to announce that as of earlier today Jisho has a new source of example sentences!

Specifically, a first sample of 407 sentences from the Jreibun project.

They can all be seen here: https://jisho.org/search/%23sentences%20%23jreibun

And some are also visible on word entries: https://jisho.org/search/%E6%84%9B%E3%81%99%E3%82%8B

Jreibun is a project led by professor Suzuki Tomomi at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, aiming to create a high quality database of Japanese-English example sentences.

When the project is finished there will be thousands of sentences, but Jisho is doing a first trial implementation with this set of 407 sentences.

If you see any issues with the sentences please do let me know so I can pass it on.

One caveat is that for now the sentences only have partial furigana. I hope to add the remaining later this week.

kamui51 at 2023-03-01 14:55:14 UTC

Sounds great, thank you for the new development, will try to contribute if I find flaws.

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