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hide furigana?

Hope you don't mind the question.
I enjoy using this site and i also use the rikai addon to compliment it.
But is there possibly a way to hide/disable seeing the furigana. Either to hide it completely or make it appear only when the mouse hovers over. As i like to try to have an attempt at what i see, but the eyes are naturally drawn to the phonetics above the characters.

All the best merry Christmas.

jarmanso7 at 2022-12-26 23:03:43 UTC

It is possible. Please visit this post in the forum https://jisho.org/forum/5d0d737d12a537552c0002ef-disable-furigana-suggestion for more info.

animeetchi at 2023-01-21 04:22:54 UTC

Sorry for the late reply (no way to see notifications) .
Thankyou for the link.
such a simple and effective mod.

Priyabrat at 2023-01-23 04:51:44 UTC


Nice super tool! Was looking for it. Thanks a ton!!

jarmanso7 at 2023-01-25 22:34:50 UTC


thank you very much for taking the time to appreciate it. Cheers!

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