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This is a discussion about 集う

Is this word written with Kanji or kana alone?

I came across a sentence that had the word つどう (without Kanji). I was wondering if it's usually written using kana only or with kanji, i.e. 集う ?

Leebo at 2022-11-25 03:31:36 UTC

On jpdb.io they catalog how verbs appear in their database. In 98% of cases, つどう was written as 集う when it appeared in the books, manga, and games they have parsed. So no kana only is rare in text for natives, at the very least.

However, among the readings for 集, this is a tougher one, and so I can imagine it will sometimes have furigana even in something for natives, and if the text is for learners, the use of kana only might be even more understandable.

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