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indicates sentence subject (occasionally object)

No. It doesn't indicate "occasionally object". Particles don't work occasionally. GA (the particle, not the "But", wich is not a particle) indicates the subject, and it is the ONLY thing it does.

Leebo at 2022-09-06 09:00:39 UTC

See definition 2 in this monolingual entry in デジタル大辞泉


2 希望・好悪・能力などの対象を示す。「水—飲みたい」「紅茶—好きだ」「中国語—話せる」

So, that construction is regarded as indicating the object of those sentences.

Ikiru at 2022-09-24 20:27:15 UTC

Whether が can occasionally indicate an object or not is a bit of a debatable topic if you ask me, and neither is necessarily wrong. It just depends on how you look at Japanese grammar syntactically. As for the meaning "but", が is still a particle there even if it is used conjunctively. That is because it goes at the end of a clause, like all particles do.

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