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Zoom Meetings on Jisho

Hi. I have noticed that a lot of other language learning sites have a section where you can join zoom meetings. I was wondering if maybe Jisho could add some Japanese Zoom meetings. I know it might take a lot of work adding another page to Jisho, but I would find It very useful. The reason I don't just use the websites that offer the zoom classes is because I am 13. According the the language sites I can't go on the zoom meetings is because I am too young. I know this is very unlikely, but the if you are going to add a page with zoom links I would like for the minimum age to be in my age range. I'm sorry if this is requesting a bit much. Thanks

Leebo at 2022-01-24 20:21:09 UTC

Any sites with age restrictions are doing so for legal reasons, which mean it's unlikely that someone will go against that.

I've never seen something like what you're talking about, but in any case it seems outside of the scope of Jisho. The creators have kept things pretty minimal intentionally.

Saithereadd1987 at 2022-02-02 09:49:36 UTC

Yes There are many site where we can learn other language so it is good topic to talk more

Kimtaro Admin at 2022-02-18 14:50:50 UTC

As @Leebo said, there are legal reasons for these age restrictions. This is also outside the scope of Jisho.org.

@Paccie I suggest talking to your parents, guardian, a school teacher or a librarian. They should be able to help you find resources that you can use.

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