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What is the difference between 印象 and 感想

This question is very intriguing as both the words are of the similar meaning. I feel like 印象 is the first impression of a person; something you think about him/her when you meet the m for the first time. I think that 感想 means an impression of a thing, for example a film or tv show. I feel like 印象 is based more towards the first impression or impression of a person and 感想 is based on the impression of a thing/object. What do you think? .

Leebo at 2022-01-23 04:18:25 UTC

Yeah, if you think about the core of the words 印象 comes from しるし and かたち... it's much more literally like the word "impression." It's the feeling that was left on you from seeing something or someone.

感想 is literally かんじる and おもう. It's what you felt, but also what you thought. There's a bit of a level of deeper consideration to it.

Maybe that's why it feels like 印象 is more associated with "first impressions", because it's not so much about thinking deeply. However, there is the word 第一印象 which literally means "first impression", so there wouldn't be much of a need for that word if 印象 was always restricted to first impressions.

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