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Jisho lets us construct a Kanji from its radicals. Does it have a tool for the opposite: breaking a Kanji down into its radicals?

I think the title is pretty clear, but, as an example, I was trying to translate this word today, and only had access to it in a form I couldn't easily copy/paste:


I've never had much luck with Jisho's drawing tool, so I used its radicals interface to build the Kanji up, and eventually found it: https://jisho.org/search/%E9%9B%A3%E6%98%93%E5%BA%A6

For some of these, though, I knew the radicals appeared in other words already familiar to me. For example, I knew https://jisho.org/search/susumu contains the right-most radical in the first Kanji in this word. But, because this Kanji is only a part of susumi, I don't know of any way to look it up and then "copy" it into the radicals screen, so I'm forced to look through the full page of radicals to try to find it.

This manual search for radicals is very slow, although I get gradually better at it the more I have to do it. But, this made me wonder: is there a way to look up a Kanji I know contains some of the same radicals that I want, and to break it down into its component radicals, and then copy those radicals into the Jisho radicals screen? This seems like it would be pretty useful for speeding up unfamiliar Kanji lookup.

Fredora at 2021-12-27 06:07:48 UTC

you can see the parts making up each kanji on the left-hand-side when looking them up like this


however you can't copy parts from there to use in the "radical search"

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