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Help with a word, possibly embarassing....

From a manga: どこで習った?そんな日本語… 「イテマウ」

What does イテマウ mean?

mauriex at 2021-11-15 03:53:55 UTC

Hello. I don't know for sure either, but after looking in some native sources for a little bit i found this:
「いてまう」は、ひどく痛めつけることを意味する関西の言葉。 「いってしまう」が元とされる。
""いてまう" is a Kansai word that means to hurt you badly. It is based on "いってしまう".

This too:
It is a word that expresses the intention to make an attack such as hitting, kicking, throwing, or mastering(?.

to fail; die; go bankrupt, attack viciously

You have to check if that even makes sense in the context of the manga that you are reading.
Hopefully i helped you.

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