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Wrong English transliteration in address bar (forum bug) (問題があります)

When a person posts a thread in the Jisho.org forum, an English transliteration of the post title can be seen in the address bar.
However, the transliteration seems incorrect. The kanji was treated like Chinese characters rather than Japanese.
The small tsu became "tu" instead of the next consonant. Small letters was treated wrongly. The hiragana "no" was turned into "false".

http://jisho.org/forum/6142b84012a53720cd000003-ziyokufalsezhi-zuo-yi-lai-i-ask-everyone-to-make-a-joke (ジョークの制作依頼(I ask everyone to make a joke))
Expected: 6142b84012a53720cd000003-zyokunoseisakuirai-i-ask-everyone-to-make-a-joke

http://jisho.org/forum/60dc97bcd5dda73b46000000-incorrect-zhen-rijia-ming (Incorrect 振り仮名) Expected: 60dc97bcd5dda73b46000000-incorrect-furigana

xp8_4b23021eaz57840c4d2 at 2021-10-05 05:37:06 UTC

Another example (current thread):
http://jisho.org/forum/615be40012a5371f8e000002-wrong-english-transliteration-in-address-bar-forum-bug-wen-ti-gaarimasu (Wrong English transliteration in address bar (forum bug) (問題があります)) Expected: 615be40012a5371f8e000002-wrong-english-transliteration-in-address-bar-forum-bug-mondaigaarimasu

Also, my avatar was shown blank.

Kimtaro Admin at 2021-10-06 03:33:54 UTC

Yes, this is a known issue. I'm using a 3rd party library to generate the forum URLs, but unfortunately it handles kanji as if they were Chinese. It's something I hope to fix at some point, but it's far down on my list I'm afraid.

As for your avatar, Jisho uses Gravatar, so you can sign up here with the same email you used for Jisho to change your picture: https://en.gravatar.com

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