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Incorrectly included in "?*苦" search

This is probably due to 宜敷苦 being incorrectly listed as the Ateji, but when it was corrected to 宜敷く the internal search identifiers were not updated.

Kiriha_Mizuori at 2021-09-09 02:25:29 UTC

In some cases, the slang-like Ateji "夜露死苦 / 四露死苦" for "よろしく/宜しく" deserves a column topic.
There is a history that bad boys in the old days (1980s-1990s) learned from overseas "graffiti on the wall" and drew it as a kind of team sign.
By selecting and allocating characters that have a large number of strokes and have a sad / dark impression,
They are ridiculing themselves for their misfortune or threatening others.

This time, "search error" was the trigger, but as a supplement.

Kimtaro Admin at 2021-09-11 23:55:44 UTC

Thanks for reporting this. @Riveria you're correct, the search index is not updated when things are removed from an entry. I've gone in an fixed this manually for now. And will include a proper fix in a future version of the site.

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