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This is a discussion about 松明

Should be marked "usually written using kana alone" probably

Even in wiki it's named in kana https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/たいまつ and suggested Kanji are super confusing

bucket4458 at 2024-03-11 07:39:30 UTC

This is an irregular word right? Just asking 'cause I'm new to jisho and the furigana dont match up.

Leebo at 2024-03-11 08:37:48 UTC

It's just a case where the existing Japanese word was assigned to Chinese orthography, which is called jukujikun. It's the same principle as in words like 今日 (きょう) and 大人 (おとな). The fact that 松 comes first in the writing and まつ comes last in the reading makes it a bit of a curveball of a word, but I wouldn't say it "doesn't match up" any more than I would for 今日 or 大人.

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