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Can someone help please

What is the difference between 愛してます and 好きです?

Gladian at 2020-12-24 13:51:59 UTC

愛してます is stronger, means "to love" and not "to like"

DamianETG at 2020-12-24 23:53:55 UTC

好きです means to like either something or someone, you can also say 大好きです which is means to really like or to love something or someone.

I have never encountered 愛してます used for objects. But in any case, you might want to avoid saying this in a real conversation as its meaning is very strong and direct, that usually doesn't go very well with the Japanese mindset and they might be taken aback or confused. I recommend you check out the famous quote by Natsume Soseki "The moon looks beautiful tonight" if you want to understand this better.

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