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I've got a question. I know you can use this with 貴方々【あなたがた】and 彼方々【あなたがた】, but can you use as something like 私方【わたくしがた】? Are there rules on what can be pluralized by がた?

ianajaruz at 2020-09-12 22:53:44 UTC

I'm sure that's possible grammatically correct, but I doubt you will ever hear someone say or write 私方. 方 is an honorific suffix right? In keigo the aim is to elevate others while humbling yourself, so I believe using 方 might come off as a bit pompous or arrogant when referring to yourself. I think realistically you should expect to use 達 or 等 instead of 方 for the most part. For a personal pronoun + others (we), it's more common to see stuff like 私達、僕たち、我ら、我々、など

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