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Usual using

Do someone know how to wirte lunch correctly? Is it 昼ごはん, 昼御飯 or 昼ご飯? I am a bit confused, because you wirte daytime 昼 and meal ご飯. The Daytime meal, lunch, should be 昼ご飯, shouldn't it?

Leebo at 2020-08-11 00:44:38 UTC

All of those are correct in some sense. They all mean the same thing.

You are correct that the most typical way of writing it would be 昼ご飯, because even though all three kanji are well known, 御 is often written with hiragana. This is probably a combination of stylistic preferences, the fact that it doesn't "feel" like part of the word since it is an honorific prefix, and because 御 can be read as either お or ご depending on the word it appears in, so using hiragana is just simpler.

昼御飯 would be acceptable, but it doesn't get used much.

昼ごはん would likely be used in situations where someone knows 昼 but not 飯, which is normal because 昼 is taught earlier than 飯 in school.

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