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This is a discussion about 勝利

Which one to use ?

I'm a beginner and I'd like to know which form of "victory" I should use.
In a videogame there is the kanji "勝" alone but also this version "勝利".
What are the differences and in general, how do I know which kanji to use when I search a word on jisho.org ?

HataReizu at 2020-06-21 18:12:24 UTC

If you want to use it in a proper sentence with grammar and everything, then you'd want to use 勝利. Many times however, games and other media like to use only one kanji alone, sometimes to save space, sometimes for artistic effect (Sekiro is one of those games that feature standalone kanji prominently).

When you see a word in Jisho, sometimes you see that there's an 'other forms' section with different kanji in there. 99% of the time these are not used, for most words only the big one in the heading is actually used. I hope that's what you mean by your second question.

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