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This is a discussion about 不倫


hi what is the opposite of this word please?
if you take the meaning to be "immorality"
just googling "morality" then in this context,
of morality vs immorality the word for morality,
could be 道徳 (doutoku) ? Anyone any thoughts on this?

Leebo at 2020-06-19 14:18:38 UTC

不倫 isn't usually about general "immorality" though. It's usually about immorality related to relationships.

So, some words that would be considered antonyms might be 貞節, for something in the other direction typically associated with relationships.

And 忠義, 忠節, 忠実 are general words for faithfulness or loyalty, which can be used outside of relationships, but a lack of faithfulness is the key component of 不倫, so they seem worth mentioning.

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