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This is a discussion about 入る

Can 入る also mean "turned on"?

Jisho only shows 入れる to have the meaning "turn on" but not 入る. In my book I found an instance of:
and translated to "the heater is on".

HataReizu at 2020-05-23 00:24:58 UTC

入る can mean "is turned on" but cannot mean "turn on". You can say テレビが入っている but you cannot say テレビを入る, you have to say テレビを入れる

xnplater at 2020-05-29 03:56:19 UTC

テレビが入っている is wrong. Turned on is 付けている
入れる、入る is only used for putting something inside. Put TV in the box (TV is in the box). Or can be used for entering.
電源は入っている is ok. Also 電源を入れてください is ok. Because you put electricity inside the device.

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