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This is a discussion about 自意識過剰

Can I get some context for this?

The best word i can figure for this, in English, is "diffident". There are other Japanese words or phrases, that can mean "embarrassed" or "shy" so, I dont want to use them. And I'm trying to translate some song lyrics. Does anyone know any literature, or can at least give me a sentence or two that might be spoken, or written commonly with this "jīshiki kajou"?

Leebo at 2019-06-20 13:47:14 UTC

I got 81 results from searching the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese.

Here's a link. http://www.kotonoha.gr.jp/shonagon/search_form

I'm no translation expert, but I would warn that generally speaking, long onyomi jukugo like this probably don't sound very "lyrical." But maybe you don't mind that.

I'm not sure what your level of experience is with translation, so I'm not sure I can offer any advice beyond that.

Akiten at 2019-06-25 00:49:50 UTC

More than just being embarrassed or shy, I always thought this to mean as a deep personality trait someone who is self-conscious, or unsure of themself, who is insecure or has low self-esteem. Shy or embarrassed are simple explanations for that, but something like self-conscious or low self-esteem is more about it as a personality and state of being/mind. Some context could be someone who lacks confidence and doubts themself. For lyrics there are many translation options for this as long as it conveys the concept of being unsure of oneself or containing self-doubt. If you need further help it may help of you say what song you're working on translating. This is my best understanding of the subject, hope that helps!

Ketsujiji at 2019-06-28 06:49:30 UTC

akitten is right about the self-concious part. when looking at the kanji 自意識 means self-concious and 過剰 means excess or surplus. So it i just an overly self-concious person.

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