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This is a discussion about 弱気市場

Add the variant よわきそうば 弱気相場

The synonym 弱気相場 よわきそうば bear market; bearish market; weak market​
has not been added. Does somoene knows how to do it?

While we're at it the entry 弱含み市況 よわふくしきょうcould also be added.
I'm a new user of the dictionnary so I don't know how to submit a new entry...
Thanks for

Leebo at 2019-03-04 23:03:59 UTC

Jisho doesn't create or maintain the dictionary entries. They just read the information from freely available databases. You have to go to the website for the database and propose the entry there. If it was accepted, it would appear in all sites / apps that use the dictionary, not just Jisho.


BisSenshi at 2019-03-06 09:51:30 UTC

Thanks! That's what I'll do

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