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How do you say "why did you call" in japanese

I have to write a dialogue for class and i was wondering how one would ask why the other is calling.

omerfaruk at 2019-02-25 00:42:32 UTC


Leebo at 2019-02-25 01:24:30 UTC

It could vary based on how familiar the people are with each other. If it's two friends, they might ask どうしたの? (basically "what's up?").

If it's two people who are unfamiliar with each other, but aren't showing any particular amount of extra politeness, they might say 何の用ですか

If it's a more formal situation, they might say something like ご用件は何ですか

I feel they are unlikely to actually use the word "call" or "why" in the Japanese version.

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