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Do you think Jisho will ever list sound-reading information for kanji?

For example, rather than just listing radicals on the kanji
標: 木 示 西 二 小
would Jisho ever be able to list the fact that the kanji get its meaning from the 木偏 and its on-yomi sound-reading from 票. Clicking through the sound reading could then display identical/related sound readings for other kanji's on'yomi:
票(ヒョウ):剽 嫖 慓 標 漂 瓢 票 縹 飃 飄 驃 鰾 etc.

jarmanso7 at 2019-02-09 11:54:51 UTC

It would be an interesting feature. My guess is that it would be difficult to implement though, as it would require to create new data in the model to identify what kanji radicals are the "reading part" of the kanji. If this data does already exist then it would be an easier change to make.

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