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Can someone translate this short sentence, please?

「“一百年先までスケジュールが埋まってますからね。 うちの母親たちともほとんど
会えずじまいで、 逆に母たちがローテーシヨンで付き添っているぐらいです」

Context: In the book, the sentence that precedes the one I posted talked about this man who almost never see his childrens because he is always extremely busy with his job as a politician.

The sentence I posted should talk about how much he see his (multiple) wives, and I would really like to understand what the sentence means.

paroissien at 2018-03-09 07:49:45 UTC

(Sorry, poor, hasty translation) My schedule is choked up for the next hundred years. I hardly have time to meet my own folks but i need to entertain each of their mothers one after the other.

Silk at 2018-03-09 21:37:00 UTC

Thanks for the translation, it doesn't make much sense according to the previous sentences in the book, but you indeed said it's a poor and hasty translation, so it's understandable

paroissien at 2018-03-10 11:42:54 UTC

I'm sorry.

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