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Tattoo revision

I have a tattoo of the Kanji character 恋 (Koi/kou/ren) meaning love/passion
I got this 10 years ago - when in love with my partner of seven years. I dont regret the tattoo - its small and on the back of my neck, but I have learnt a lot since this time and I want to update it.

I want to say: Love (romantic) is not the answer/Love does not mean happiness/Love cannot fix your soul/sorrow
Something to point out that we shouldnt seek love to avoid ourselves or our pain- or use love like a happiness drug (I was co-dependent in this relationship). It has been a learning curve in my life that there are no answers from outside of myself - I want my skin and body to reflect that - not the young girl who thought being in love was the answer.

I dont know which version of Happiness to use - I would rather this remain in kanji as much as possible, and have the characters going down my neck. I only have a very limited understanding of Japanese (high school level) but I have a genuine affection for the culture and its ability to communicate subtle things - I know it would be easy to end up saying something completely wrong, so I need advice and suggestions

When I got this tattoo I didnt realise it was the less common usage of 'love' (compared to Ai). I realise I can put them together to make it clearer:

as the begining of what I want to say.. So hopefully this reads: romantic love/passionate love.. (and then kanji for is not the answer/is not the solution/does not lead to happiness)

Hopefully someone can understand whatI want to say and help!

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