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Draw feature for App in the future maybe??

I use Jisho all the time. So, when I found the app, I was ecstatic! Then I opened it and I was a little sad :(

It's very basic, with just the search bar and you can't click on the card results to view 'details'. I'm not sure how old the app is.. so it could just be that this just isn't implemented yet. Sorry, if this is the case! <.'0'.>

Kimtaro Admin at 2017-05-10 22:41:08 UTC

We don't actually have an app :)

Which app are you referring to?

WellHush at 2017-06-28 23:40:40 UTC

There is a Jisho app on Google Play, It looks like it added unofficial to the title though. I didn't know this as first.

In any case, a real app with the ability to draw kanji for search would be really helpful!

Kimtaro Admin at 2017-06-29 23:54:03 UTC

We recently became aware of that one as well and asked the author to make it clear that the app is not made by us.

We do want to make an app in the future but do not have the resources for it now.

However there are other apps that use the same data as Jisho, both on iOS and Android. For example imiwa! on iOS and Jsho on Android. They might do handwriting recognition.

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