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Decompose Kanji

Is there a way to decompose a kanji to its radicals? Sometimes I find kanji with similar radicals but I can't find that radical in the radical search here in jisho.org. Thanks for the answers.

P.S. - By the way I'm new here and if this post is irrelevant to this site, feel free to delete this admin. Thanks again.

Kimtaro Admin at 2016-06-24 18:49:37 UTC

You can see the constituent radicals on the kanji details page under Parts on the left side: http://jisho.org/search/最%20%23kanji

blsalvio at 2016-06-27 07:32:13 UTC

thanks for the response, a big help for my kanji studies :)

nattoengine at 2016-07-01 15:49:45 UTC

I use http://www.hanzicraft.com/ or https://characterpop.com/ (Jisho's Parts field here is unsatisfactory because it breaks it down too far).

hurb at 2021-08-14 22:03:11 UTC

i just created this account to say thank you nattoengine

snowbu at 2022-11-05 10:25:25 UTC

I have done the same, I have created an account just to say thank you to nattoengine ^

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