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Unofficial Jisho.org Chrome Extension - Chrome Developer Mode

Reviewing API and Popclip extension got me excited to make an unofficial Google Chrome extension. You can see details, including instructions and code, at GitHub: https://github.com/JBRadio/Jisho.org-Google-Chrome-Extension

Any criticisms are welcome. Just know that current features are based on the limitations known already in the API / Cross-origin discussion. This may be a good alternative tool for those that do not have PopClip (Mac) which Yaknor created an extension for or aren't familiar with Google Custom Search Engines or other methods to quickly search in Jisho.org.

Credits to Yaknor for supplying the png in his PopClip extension. This was modified for the Google Chrome extension. Also credits to the Jisho.org team and respected parties involved in making Jisho.org possible or improved.

Kimtaro Admin at 2016-03-18 18:35:27 UTC

Nice! This could be a better version of the old bookmarklet - which I've been meaning to recreate. Is it possible for the popup to pre-fill the search box with whatever is selected on the page?

JBRadio at 2016-03-18 23:46:30 UTC

Thank you for checking it out!

Having the ability to select text, right-click menu > Search Jisho.org, and actually have the extension open rather than a new tab loading Jisho.org would be nice but I am not sure if it's possible according to a search. There appears to be security concerns from Google's point-of-view.

Feature request: open extension popup bubble programmatically

How can I open my extension's pop-up with JavaScript?

I could try to research this feature: (1) Highlighting text and then (2) manually open the extension may load Jisho.org with a seeded value (selected text).

Another thought I have is to make the extension script persistent, which I am hoping that it would keep the last search result up in the background when you open the extension again. This way, you can close the extension accidentally or for a second and pick up where you were.

JBRadio at 2016-03-20 02:21:53 UTC

Had some issues with the old repository. Hopefully this one is here to stay.


JBRadio at 2016-03-23 15:35:03 UTC


I have made some edits to the extension:
- Removed the radio buttons; Replaced with a button that changes value on click (saves space)
- Added new item to the menu bar: Theme (Light/Dark)

** Not tested with other CSS Injectors like Stylish but hopefully this isn't an issue with the "Light" theme **

Dark theme is a slightly modified CSS file from another Jisho.org forum poster. In it's current form, it does not work with Chrome due to @-moz-document usage. Also @document does not work in Chrome. I have removed these methods and it appears to work. Please read the Readme on the Github page for more information.

Dark theme introduced on Jisho.org here (Credits for Jisho Yoake goes to wekateka; Thank you for licensing under CC): http://jisho.org/forum/558d17d76e73347e76440600-jisho-yoake-a-darker-theme-for-jisho-dot-org

JBRadio at 2016-03-23 15:37:50 UTC

Also, I did add the seeding to the extension:

(1) Select text on a page
(2) Open the extension
(3) Note that the extension loads a page seeded with the user's current tab's selected text

You can also
(1) Select text on a page
(2) Right click
(3) "Jisho.org for Selected Text" to open a new tab/page for search results.

Kimtaro Admin at 2016-03-28 13:11:34 UTC

Just tried out the updated version. Really nice! :—D

JBRadio at 2016-03-29 03:37:54 UTC

Just updated it. Please download and try again : )

New features:
- Extension seeds Jisho.org initial URL on open in the following order (Page text selection; Last search in extension; Jisho.org homepage.
- New bottom navigation bar (Backward, Forward, Top, Homepage)
- Modified Jisho Yoake theme as more background:white; CSS was found.

JBRadio at 2016-03-29 16:19:11 UTC

Another update. I'm enjoying the process of learning how Google Chrome extensions work.

Top bar menu:
- Added "GitHub" link so updates can be checked and zips can be downloaded easily

Bottom bar menu:
- Removed "Home"
- Added "Adv Search" and "Copy Link"
- "Top" now scrolls to the top and places focus in text field
- "Copy Link" copies current link location to clipboard
- "Adv Search" opens Advance Search Options page

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