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Random word function?

I always wish dictionary websites would have this feature but they never seem to. I'm learning Japanese currently and a random word function would help greatly to beef up my vocabulary (and to be honest it would probably just be fun to do). Are you planning on implementing a function like that? Of course it might be I never see that because it would be difficult to do and if so then whatever. But if it could be done easily I would greatly enjoy that.

Kimtaro Admin at 2013-11-20 08:19:55 UTC

Nice idea, I hadn't thought of a feature like that. I don't think I'll implement one anytime soon, but I'll keep it in mind for the future!

Pwnix at 2013-11-20 20:42:05 UTC

Neat. I'm a bit of a logophile so it's a selfish request really ;) The fact that you would consider it is good enough for me. Also I will use this time to say that I love this website and it's already a great asset in my Japanese studies; keep up the good work!

jakobd at 2013-11-21 00:13:22 UTC

Maybe only for common words? This way we'd get some vocabulary we might actually be able to use.

Pwnix at 2013-11-21 19:31:30 UTC

Maybe an option for that? That way I could still find a bunch of esoteric and antiquated words. I love that stuff.

Kimtaro Admin at 2013-11-24 04:53:56 UTC

@Pwnix, thanks, glad you like it!

I hope I can add this feature sooner rather than later, but I have many ideas in the pipeline :)

Leebo at 2019-11-16 08:03:21 UTC

Any way to do this even without it being built into the site?

Kimtaro Admin at 2019-11-18 14:24:25 UTC

@Leebo, hmm, I guess you could sort of do it by searching for #common #words and then pick a page number at random, like this https://jisho.org/search/%23common%20%23words?page=7

But it’s not really random, and there’s no way to have it show just one word per page.

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