1. kagami mochi; New Year offering consisting of two mochi stacked on each other with a bitter orange on top, cut and eaten on January 11See also
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2. Kagami mochi, literally mirror rice cake, is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration. It usually consists of two round mochi (rice cakes), the smaller placed atop the larger, and a daidai with an attached leaf on top. In addition, it may have a sheet of konbu and a skewer of dried persimmons under the mochi. It sits on a stand called a sanpō over a sheet called a shihōbeni, which is supposed to ward off fires from the house for the following years.
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Other forms
鏡もち 【かがみもち】鏡餠 【かがみもち】
鏡餠: Out-dated kanji or kanji usage.


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