Noun, Suru verb
1. Japanese badminton; battledore and shuttlecock
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2. HanetsukiHanetsuki (羽根突き, 羽子突き) is a Japanese traditional game, similar to badminton without a net, played with a rectangular wooden paddle called a hagoita and a brightly-coloured shuttlecock. Often played by girls at the New Year, the game can be played in two fashions: by one person attempting to keep the shuttlecock aloft as long as possible, or by two people batting it back and forth. Girls who fail to hit the shuttlecock get marked on the face with India Ink.
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Other forms
羽つき 【はねつき】羽根付き 【はねつき】羽根突き 【はねつき】羽突き 【はねつき】羽子突 【はねつき】羽子つき 【はねつき】


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