Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to stand up; to put up; to set up; to erect; to raisealso written as 起てる
  • その
  • いぬ
  • その
  • おと
  • 聞いて
  • みみ
  • ピン
  • 立てた
  • The dog pricked up his ears at the sound.
2. to thrust into; to bury into; to dig into
  • かれ
  • おこ怒る
  • よく
  • おおごえ大声
  • たてる
  • He is liable to shout when angry.
3. to make (a noise); to start (a rumour); to raise (a cloud of dust, etc.); to cause
  • ねこ
  • わたし私の
  • つめ
  • 立てた
  • The cat dug its claws into my hand.
4. to make; to establish; to set up; to develop; to formulate
  • かれ
  • めんみつ綿密に
  • 立てた
  • けいかく計画
  • じっこうにうつ実行に移した
  • He carried out the plan he had made in detail.
5. to put up (a political candidate); to make (one's leader)
6. to treat with respect; to give (someone) their due; to make (someone) look good; to avoid embarrassing (someone)
7. to sharpen; to make clear
8. to shut; to closeSee also 閉てる
9. to make tea (matcha); to perform the tea ceremonySee also 点てる
10. to divide by
Suffix, Ichidan verb
11. to do ... vigorouslyafter the -masu stem of a verb


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