1. fruit fly (any insect of family Drosophilidae); vinegar fly; pomace fly; banana flyUsually written using kana alone, See also 実蠅
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2. DrosophilidaeDrosophilidae is a diverse, cosmopolitan family of flies, which includes fruit flies. Another family of flies called Tephritidae also includes fruit flies. The best known species of Drosophilidae is Drosophila melanogaster, within the genus Drosophila, and this species is used extensively for studies concerning genetics, development, physiology, ecology and behaviour. This fruit fly is mostly composed of post-mitotic cells, has a very short lifespan, and shows gradual aging.
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Other forms
猩猩蝿 【しょうじょうばえ】猩々蠅 【しょうじょうばえ】猩々蝿 【しょうじょうばえ】ショウジョウバエ


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