Noun, Suru verb
1. call; summons; paging; curtain callSee also 呼び出す よびだす
  • よびだ呼び出し
  • おねがお願いします
  • I'd like to page someone.
2. usher who calls the names of wrestlers, sweeps the ring, etc.Sumo term
3. telephone number at which a person without a telephone can be reachedAbbreviation, See also 呼び出し電話
4. box-shaped area containing clean water for rinsing oneself (in an Edo-period bathhouse)Archaism, See also 陸湯
5. high-ranking prostitute in the Yoshiwara district (Edo period)Archaism
6. unlicensed prostitute in the Fukagawa red-light district (Edo period)Archaism
Wikipedia definition
7. YobidashiThe yobidashi (呼出 or 呼び出し) (announcer or beckoner) calls a professional sumo wrestler, or rikishi, to the dohyō (wrestling ring) immediately prior to his bout. He does this by calling the name of each wrestler fighting in turn whilst holding a traditional folding fan.
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Other forms
呼出し 【よびだし】呼出 【よびだし】
呼出: Irregular okurigana usage.


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