1. drift (of snow, leaves, etc.)
  • かぜ
  • ゆき
  • ふきだまり
  • つく作った
The wind drifted the snow.
2. hangout for social dropouts
Wikipedia definition
3. SnowdriftA snowdrift is a deposit of snow sculpted by wind into a mound during a snowstorm. Snowdrifts resemble sand dunes and are formed in a similar manner, namely, by wind moving light snow and depositing it when the wind has virtually stopped, usually against a stationary object. Snow normally crests and slopes off toward the surface on the windward side of a large object. On the leeward side, areas near the object are a bit lower than surrounding areas, but are generally flatter.
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Other forms
吹きだまり 【ふきだまり】吹き溜り 【ふきだまり】


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