Suffix, Ichidan verb
1. to be unable to; to find difficult (unpleasant, awkward, painful) to doUsually written using kana alone, See also 兼ねない
  • こういう
  • じじょう事情
  • ですから
  • ざんねん残念ながら
  • せっかく
  • しょうたい招待
  • 受け
  • いたし
  • かねる
  • のです
  • As such is the case, I am sorry I can't accept your kind invitation.
Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
2. to serve two or more functions or roles simultaneously; to contain (or combine) two or more features
  • わたし
  • べんきょう勉強
  • あそ遊び
  • かね兼ねている
  • しごと仕事
  • つき
  • たい
  • I want to get a job that mixes work and play.
3. to work in two or more jobs simultaneously (positions, etc.); to do alongside
4. to hesitate to do something (out of consideration for others)
5. to think of the future (as well as the present)


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