1. Tusita heaven; Tushita; one of the six heavens of the desire realmBuddhist term, See also 六欲天
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2. TushitaTuṣita or Tusita is one of the six deva-worlds of the Kāmadhātu, located between the Yāma heaven and the Nirmāṇarati heaven. Like the other heavens, Tuṣita is said to be reachable through meditation. It is the heaven where the Bodhisattva Śvetaketu resided before being reborn on Earth as Gautama, the historical Buddha; it is, likewise, the heaven where the Bodhisattva Nātha ("Protector") currently resides, who will later be born as the next Buddha, Maitreya.
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兜率天: Out-dated kanji.


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