15 strokes
approve, praise, title or inscription on picture, assist, agree with
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5
JLPT level N3
868 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 賛 【サン】 praise, tribute, inscription (on a painting)
  • 賛意 【サンイ】 approval, assent
  • 協賛 【キョウサン】 support, mutual aid, cooperation, approval, authorization, authorisation
  • 絶賛 【ゼッサン】 high praise, great admiration, acclaim, with critical acclaim, to rave reviews, with high commendations, currently, presently, right now

Kun reading compounds

  • 称える 【たたえる】 to praise, to extol, to hail, to laud, to celebrate


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • admirar
  • alabar
  • elogiar
  • ayudar
  • consentir
  • aprobar


  • aprovar
  • elogiar
  • título ou inscrição em gravura
  • auxiliar
  • concordar com


  • approuver
  • accord
  • louanges
  • assister
  • inscription sur une peinture
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