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Godan verb with u ending, Transitive verb
1. to giveHonorific or respectful (sonkeigo)
Suffix, Godan verb with u ending
2. to do ...Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo), See also 給え, after the -masu stem of a verb
Other forms
賜う 【たまう】
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Yodan verb with hu/fu ending (archaic), Transitive verb
1. to giveArchaism, Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo)
Nidan verb (lower class) with hu/fu ending (archaic), Transitive verb
2. to receiveArchaism, Humble (kenjougo)
Other forms
給ふ 【たもう】賜ふ 【たまう】賜ふ 【たもう】
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12 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 4.
salary, wage, gift, allow, grant, bestow on
On: キュウ
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  • 144915
    • かみ
    • ゆる許し
    • たも給う
    • とも
    • その
    • ゆえに
    • にんげん人間
    • わす忘れる
    • べきではない
    Though God may forgive, man is not therefore to forget. Tatoeba
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