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Noun, Suru verb, Transitive verb, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
1. worship (esp. Christian); adoration; divine serviceOnly applies to れいはい
  • かれ
  • いま
  • れいはい礼拝
  • ちゅう
He's at church right now.
Noun, Suru verb
2. worship (esp. Buddhist and Shinto)Only applies to らいはい
  • ところで
  • じんじゃ神社
  • 知っています
  • ?」「
  • かる軽く
  • 触れる
  • ていど程度
  • には
  • しんこう信仰
  • たいしょう対象
  • となった
  • そんざい存在
  • いわゆる
  • ところ
  • しんかく神格
  • まつ祭る
  • れいはい礼拝
  • しせつ施設
"By the way, do you know what a Shinto shrine is?" "I've a little bit of knowledge on the subject. It's a religious facility where that which is the object of worship, that called the genius loci, is enshrined."
3. Raihai
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4. WorshipWorship is an act of religious devotion usually directed ... Read more
Other forms
礼拝 【らいはい】
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1. chapel; place of worship (esp. Christian)Only applies to れいはいどう
  • れいはいどう礼拝堂
  • 、1473
  • ねん
  • バティカン
  • きゅうでん宮殿
  • ない
  • こんりゅう建立
  • された
  • そうだい壮大な
  • れいはいどう礼拝堂
  • です
The Sistine Chapel is a vast chapel built inside the Vatican Palace in 1473.
2. place of worship (esp. Buddhist and Shinto)Only applies to らいはいどう
Other forms
礼拝堂 【らいはいどう】
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Noun, Suru verb, Transitive verb
1. praise; worship; adoration; glorification
Other forms
礼讃 【らいさん】
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1. The Book of Rites; Liji; Li ChiSee also 五経
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2. Book of RitesThe Book of Rites, also translated as Classic of Rites or... Read more
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1. platform in front of a temple's principal image, from which the officiating monk chantsBuddhism
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1. paper for wrapping a letter
2. margin of a letter
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1. dance recital praising Buddha, which accompanies the recital of a gatha (in the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism)See also
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1. crown or head-ornament worn with formal or ceremonial clothes by nobility (ritsuryō system)Archaism, Historical term
Other forms
礼冠 【れいかん】
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1. ceremonial clothes formerly worn by nobilitySee also 朝服
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5 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
salute, bow, ceremony, thanks, remuneration
On: レイ ライ
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  • 75134
    • きみ
    • らしくない
    • かもしかも知れない
    • せめて
    • れいぎ礼儀
    • くらい
    • まも守ったら
    • どう
    You could at least try to be a bit more polite, even though it's not like you. Tatoeba
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らい 【礼】
Given name, gender not specified
1. Rai
らい 【礼偉】
Female given name
1. Rai
らい 【礼意】
Female given name
1. Rai
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