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Godan verb with mu ending, Transitive verb
1. to seize; to catch; to grasp; to grip; to grab; to clutch; to hold; to catch hold of; to lay one's hands onUsually written using kana alone
2. to obtain; to acquire; to get; to win; to captureUsually written using kana alone
3. to understand; to grasp; to comprehendUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
摑む 【つかむ】攫む 【つかむ】把む 【つかむ】捉む 【つかむ】
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11 strokes.
catch, seize, grasp, hold, arrest, capture
On: カク
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  • 81774
    • ぼく
    • かのじょ彼女の
    • つか掴んだ
    I caught her by the hand. Tatoeba
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