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Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to install (a king, emperor, etc.)
Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
2. to appoint (to a post); to promoteOnly applies to 就ける
  • きみ
  • しょく
  • 就ける
  • いい
I should be glad if you got the job.
Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
3. to assign (to study under)Only applies to 就ける
Other forms
即ける 【つける】
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12 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6.
concerning, settle, take position, depart, study, per
On: シュウ ジュ
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  • jreibun/6136/1
    • ちち
    • は「専門的な知識を
    • につけたほうがいい」と、進学を
    • すす勧めて
    • くれた。
    When I was a university student, I wondered whether to go on to graduate school or to get a job. My father advised me to pursue graduate education, suggesting that it would be better to acquire specialized knowledge. Jreibun
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