11 strokes
thumb, inch
military officer, jailer, old man, rank
Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high
JLPT level N1
2007 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 尉官 【イカン】 officer below the rank of major, company officer
  • 中尉 【チュウイ】 first lieutenant, lieutenant junior grade
  • 少尉 【ショウイ】 second lieutenant, sublieutenant, ensign
  • 尉 【ジョウ】 inspector (third highest of the four administrative ranks of the ritsuryō system), (noh) old man, white ash (of charcoal)
  • 尉鶲 【ジョウビタキ】 Daurian redstart (Phoenicurus auroreus)
  • 黒式尉 【コクシキジョウ】 noh mask used for old man roles (usu. black)


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
wei4, yu4
wi, ul


  • oficial militar
  • carcelero
  • rango
  • viejo


  • oficial militar
  • carcereiro
  • velho
  • posição


  • officier
  • geôlier
  • vieil homme
  • rang
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