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1. aim; object; purpose; end
2. expectations; prospects; hopes
3. something that can be relied upon
4. snack served with alcoholic drinkKansai dialect
Noun - used as a suffix
5. pad; guard
Noun - used as a suffix, Noun - used as a prefix
6. blow; strike
7. addressed toOnly applies to 宛, Only applies to 宛て
8. perUsually written using kana alone, also written as 充て
Other forms
宛 【あて】宛て 【あて】
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1. (addressee's) name; (recipient's) name and address
Other forms
宛て名 【あてな】あて名 【あてな】
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1. address; destination
Other forms
宛て先 【あてさき】あて先 【あてさき】
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Godan verb with u ending, Transitive verb
1. to allot; to allocateUsually written using kana alone
  • こびへつらう
  • ウェイター
  • さいじょう最上
  • テーブル
  • あてがわれる
  • なぜなら
  • そうした
  • ウェイター
  • いつも
  • マネージャー
  • うわやく上役
  • きげんをとる
  • から
  • The obsequious waiter is usually assigned the best table because he always curries favor with his manager and superiors.
Godan verb with u ending, Transitive verb
2. to supply with; to furnishUsually written using kana alone
  • かれ
  • しょくもつ食物
  • あてがった
  • I provided him with food.
Godan verb with u ending, Transitive verb
3. to fit to; to fasten to; to apply toUsually written using kana alone
  • クリスマス
  • とうじつ当日
  • になって
  • 、トム
  • みぎあし右足
  • には
  • いぜん依然として
  • ギブス
  • あてがわれた
  • まま
  • であった
  • On Christmas day, Tom still had his right leg in plaster.
Other forms
宛てがう 【あてがう】充てがう 【あてがう】
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1. addressing (e.g. writing an address on an envelope)
  • わたし
  • しょうたいじょう招待状
  • ふうとう封筒
  • あてなが宛名書き
  • しました
  • I addressed the envelope containing the invitation.
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1. kanji used as a phonetic symbol, instead of for the meaning; phonetic-equivalent character; substitute character
2. kanji used for their meaning, irrespective of reading
Wikipedia definition
3. AtejiIn modern Japanese, ateji (当て字, 宛字 or あてじ, literally "ass... Read more
Other forms
あて字 【あてじ】宛字 【あてじ】宛て字 【あてじ】当字 【あてじ】
当字: Irregular okurigana usage.
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Expression, Noun
1. discretionary allowance
Other forms
宛てがい扶持 【あてがいぶち】宛行扶持 【あてがいぶち】
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さきへんこう 先変更
1. redirectionComputer terminology
Other forms
宛て先変更 【あてさきへんこう】宛先変更 【あてさきへんこう】
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Kanji — 1 found

8 strokes. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
address, just like, fortunately
On: エン
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Sentences — 11 found

  • 152096
    • わたしあて私宛
    • なに何か
    • でんごん伝言
    • とどいていません
    Are there any messages for me? Tatoeba
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Names — 4 found

あてき 【宛木】
Family or surname
1. Ateki
あてづか 【宛塚】
Family or surname
1. Atedzuka
あてな 【宛奈】
Female given name
1. Atena
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