13 strokes


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 塞源 【ソクゲン】 blockage of a source
  • 塞栓 【ソクセン】 embolus, abnormal substance (i.e. air) circulating in the blood
  • 梗塞 【コウソク】 stoppage, blocking, infarction, infarct
  • 閉塞 【ヘイソク】 blockage, blockade, blocking up, stoppage, obstruction, occlusion
  • 塞翁が馬 【サイオウガウマ】 the future is unpredictable, inscrutable are the ways of heaven, the irony of fate
  • 塞外 【サイガイ】 outside a fort, outside the Great Wall of China
  • 防塞 【ボウサイ】 fort, defensive position
  • 城塞 【ジョウサイ】 fortress, stronghold, citadel

Kun reading compounds

  • 塞ぐ 【ふさぐ】 to stop up, to close up, to block (up), to plug up, to shut up, to cover (ears, eyes, etc.), to close (eyes, mouth), to stand in the way, to obstruct, to occupy, to fill up, to take up, to perform one's role, to do one's duty, to feel depressed, to be in low spirits, to mope


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
sai1, sai4, se4
sae, saeg




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