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Godan verb with su ending, Transitive verb
1. to push; to pressOnly applies to 押す
  • シャッター
  • 押して
  • くれます
  • Could you press this button?
2. to apply pressure from above; to press downOnly applies to 押す, Only applies to 圧す
3. to stamp (i.e. a passport); to apply a sealOnly applies to 押す, Only applies to 捺す, See also 判を押す
  • その
  • はこ
  • には
  • せいぞうしゃ製造者
  • しょういん証印
  • 押してある
  • The box bears the stamp of the manufacturer.
4. to affix (e.g. gold leaf)Only applies to 押す
5. to press (someone for something); to urge; to compel; to influenceOnly applies to 押す
6. to overwhelm; to overpower; to repressOnly applies to 押す, Only applies to 圧す
7. to push (events along); to advance (a plan)Only applies to 押す
8. to do in spite of ...; to do even though ...; to forceOnly applies to 押す
9. to make sureOnly applies to 押す, See also 念を押す ねんをおす, See also 駄目を押す だめをおす
10. to be pressed for timeOnly applies to 押す
11. to advance troops; to attackOnly applies to 押す
12. (of light) to be diffused across an entire surfaceOnly applies to 押す
Other forms
圧す 【おす】捺す 【おす】
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5 strokes. JLPT N2. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5.
pressure, push, overwhelm, oppress, dominate
On: アツ エン オウ
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