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Noun, No-adjective
1. mourning
2. calamity; misfortuneArchaism, Only applies to も
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3. MourningMourning is, in the simplest sense, synonymous with grief... Read more
Other forms
喪 【そう】
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1. unpopular man; man who isn't well-liked by womenSlang, See also 喪女 もじょ
Other forms
喪男 【もお】喪男 【もだん】
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1. unpopular woman; woman who isn't well-liked by menSlang, See also 喪男 もおとこ
Other forms
喪女 【もおんな】
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1. refraining from offering the (New Year's) greetings during the period of mourningYojijukugo (four character compound)
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12 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
miss, mourning
On: ソウ
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  • 170666
    • さいきん最近
    • なに
    • やって
    • 旨く行かない
    • から
    • じしん自信
    • そうしつ喪失
    Nothing I do lately seems to turn out right. I'm losing confidence in myself. Tatoeba
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もとき 【喪樹】
Female given name
1. Motoki
もとな 【喪茄】
Female given name
1. Motona
もとは 【喪羽】
Female given name
1. Motoha
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