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1. labor; labour; toil; trouble; pains; work; effort; striving
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Noun, Suru verb, Intransitive verb, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
1. manual labor; manual labour; toil; work
  • むかしの
  • ような
  • はげ激しい
  • ひやと日雇い
  • ろうどう労働
  • でき
  • やしない
I can't do the hard day's work I used to.
2. Labour PartyAbbreviation, See also 労働党
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3. Labour
Other forms
労動 【ろうどう】
労動: Out-dated kanji or kanji usage.
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1. labor union; labour union; trade union
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2. Trade unionA trade union, labour union or labor union is an organiza... Read more
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ろうどうじゅんほう 労働基準法
1. Labor Standards ActLaw
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2. Labor Standards Act of 1947The Labor Standards Act is a Japanese law. It was enacted... Read more
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1. labor; labour; manpower; working force
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2. Labor forceNormally, the labor force of a country (or other geograph... Read more
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1. labor dispute; labour dispute; industrial dispute; strike
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2. Labor unrestLabor unrest is a term used by employers or those general... Read more
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1. worker
2. (manual) laborer; labourer; blue-collar worker
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1. labour and management; labor and management
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1. working hours; man-hours
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2. Working timeWorking time is the period of time that an individual spe... Read more
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ろうどうしゃかいきゅう 労働者階級
1. working classSee also 資本家階級
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2. Working classWorking class (or lower class, labouring class, sometimes... Read more
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Noun, Noun or verb acting prenominally
1. labour intensive
  • ろうどうしゅうやく労働集約
  • しほんしゅうやく資本集約
  • 超えて
  • じだい時代
  • ナレッジ
  • インテンシブ
  • へと
  • おお大きく
  • シフト
  • している
Surpassing labour intensive, capital intensive, the age has shifted greatly to knowledge intensive.
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Noun, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
1. labor market; labour market
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1. labor negotiation; labour negotiation
  • ろうどうこうしょう労働交渉
  • くみあい組合
  • しどうしゃ指導者
  • じゅうよう重要な
  • やくわりをは役割を果たす
In labor negotiation union leaders play an important role.
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7 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 4.
labor, thank for, reward for, toil, trouble
On: ロウ
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  • 142780
    • せいさんりょく生産力
    • 落ちた
    • したが従って
    • ろうどうしゃ労働者
    • ボーナス
    • すく少なく
    • なる
    • だろう
    Productivity has fallen. Accordingly, workers' bonuses will be reduced. Tatoeba
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ろう 【労】
Given name, gender not specified
1. Rou
ろうさいびょういん 【労災病院】
1. Rousai Hospital
ろうどうかいかんまえ 【労働会館前】
Unclassified name
1. Roudoukaikanmae
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