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1. guy; fellow; chap; buddy
Noun, Pronoun
2. bastard; asshole; arsehole; son of a bitchMale term or language, Derogatory, Slang
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
1. seems; I guessKansai dialect, See also だろう
Other forms
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1. Dioscorea tokoro (species of wild yam)Usually written using kana alone
2. old man living in the countrysideOnly applies to やろう
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3. DioscoreaDioscorea is a genus of over 600 species of flowering pla... Read more
Other forms
野老 【やろう】トコロ
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Noun, Na-adjective (keiyodoshi)
1. throwing one's weight around without knowing one's limitations; Yelang thinks too highly of itselfYojijukugo (four character compound)
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1. bastards; guys; ladsDerogatory, Familiar language, See also ども
Other forms
野郎共 【やろうども】
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  • 147367
    • じょげん助言
    • してやろう
    • とした
    • のに
    • かれ
    • わたし
    • 向かって
    • もうれつ猛烈に
    • あくたい悪態をつく
    • だけ
    • だった
    I tried to give him some advice, but he just abused me violently. Tatoeba
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やろうち 【弥六内】
1. Yarouchi