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Temporal noun, Adverbial noun
1. beginning; start; outset; opening
2. first (in line, etc.)esp. 初め
3. originesp. 始め
4. such as ...; not to mention ...Usually written using kana alone, esp. 始め; as 〜を始め, 〜を始めとして, etc.
Other forms
初め 【はじめ】
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1. Hajime
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Adverb, No-adjective
1. for the first timeSee also 始める
  • さい
  • とき
  • はじ初めて
  • テニス
  • した
  • When I was sixteen, I played tennis for the first time.
2. only after ... is it ...; only when ... do you ...after the -te form of a verb
  • しかし
  • こうぎ抗議
  • をとおを通して
  • はじ始めて
  • じゆう自由
  • 開かれた
  • しゃかい社会
  • いじ維持
  • される
  • である
  • Only through protest can a free and open society be maintained.
Other forms
始めて 【はじめて】甫めて 【はじめて】
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Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to start; to begin; to commence; to initiate; to originate
  • あなた
  • いつ
  • ゴルフ
  • はじ始めた
  • のです
  • When did you begin playing golf?
2. to open (e.g. a store); to start up; to establish (business. etc.)
  • わたし私たち
  • しまい姉妹
  • さんにん3人
  • きっさてん喫茶店
  • はじ始めた
  • We three sisters opened a coffee shop.
Auxiliary verb, Ichidan verb
3. to start ...; to begin to ...See also 為始める, after the -masu stem of a verb
  • 飲み
  • 過ぎて
  • へや部屋
  • まわ回り
  • はじ始めた
  • The room started to spin after I drank too much.
Other forms
創める 【はじめる】
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1. first; firstly; first of all; to begin with; in the beginning; at the beginning
2. Introduction; PrefaceUsually written using kana alone, as section heading of a book, etc.
Other forms
始めに 【はじめに】
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1. How do you do?; I am glad to meet youUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
始めまして 【はじめまして】
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1. from the beginning
Other forms
始めから 【はじめから】
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Expression, No-adjective
1. early
Other forms
始めのころ 【はじめのころ】
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1. at first; in the beginning; originally
Other forms
初めは 【はじめは】
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Expression, Suru verb - irregular
1. commencing with; includingUsually written using kana alone
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Kanji — 14 found

7 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 4.
first time, beginning
On: ショ
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8 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
commence, begin
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12 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6.
genesis, wound, injury, hurt, start, originate
On: ソウ ショウ
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14 strokes. JLPT N1. Jinmeiyō kanji.
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Sentences — 319 found

  • 74223
    • ふた
    • して
    • 始め
    • つよび強火
    • ふっとう沸騰
    • したら
    • ちゅうび中火
    • して
    • やく
    • ふんかん分間
    • 煮ます
    Put the lid on and start at high flame, when it boils set to medium flame and boil for about seven minutes. Tatoeba
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Names — 78 found

Female given name
1. Hajime
Given name, gender not specified
1. Hajime
はじめ 【一】
Female given name, Family or surname
1. Hajime
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